Data Services

It's All About Data! Not Just Heart.. But Data also beats for us. Data Beats and ticks every Seconds..demanding control and monitor of data. We call ourselves Data doctors who examine,diagnose and prescribe right data & right solution for your Business Needs. Healthy and fit data helps organizations steer towards new frontiers with thoughtful insight into their data. At ILSS, Dedicated,Analytical,Thoughtful,Accelerative( data ) team provides reliable, scalable & cost effective solutions & services to clients across the globe.

Be it Big Data or Data warehouse or Business Intelligence, we are there!!

Business Intelligence Solutions

Our exhaustive, comprehensive BI/DW expertise blended with vast industry exposure helps in building “One right BI solution for right decisions which fits all”. We implement end to end Business Intelligence (BI)/Data Warehouse (DW) Solutions on various platforms.

    Analyze & Scope BI
  • Requirement Analysis
  • BI/DW Scope
    Design & Develop BI/DW Solutions
  • Metadata Management
  • Data Modelling( ER-Dimensional-Industry Specific)
  • ETL Design& Development
  • Reporting Design & Development
    Implement-Support-Maintain BI/DW Solutions
  • Productionizing
  • Support
  • Maintenance

Big Data

Exponential Growth of data is forcing all organizations to derive new insight from previously untouched unstructured/structured data and integrating that insight into business operations. Big Data platforms enables churn new insight with more analytics.

    Big Data Strategy
  • Adoption roadmap, definition and planning
  • Architecture and new-age information strategy
    Big Data Implementation
  • Create Big Data Eco Systems
  • Design proof-of-concept prototypes
  • Maintenance,support,optimization of Big Data solutions
    Big Data Consumption
  • Reports
  • Analytics

Clients & Partners